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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

On Shreejat,the poet and bengali intelligentsia in general.To whomsever it might concern accross borders! Palash Biswas

On Shreejat,the poet and bengali intelligentsia in general.To whomsever it might concern accross borders!
Palash Biswas
Atul Dhusia Innocent · 0:00 इतनी प्रॉब्लम है देश में तो कही और शिफ्ट हो जाइये,,यहाँ तो इतना बोल भी रहे है आप दूसरे देशों में तो ये अधिकार भीं नहीं मिलेगा आपको।।।।।जो भड़काने का आरोप आप संघ पर लगा रहे है वो काम तो आप भी कर रहे है फिर वो गलत और आप सही कैसे हो सकते है।।।आप की विचारधारा को कितने लोग सपोर्ट करते है आपके लेख के like और comment देख कर पता चलता है की मुट्ठी भर लोग भी आपसे सहमत नहीं है।।। सर के बल खड़े होकर दुनिया देखोगे तो दुनिया उलटी ही नज़र आएगी ।।।।।
Get out of India!We always have been advised!Only those supporting the governance of racist fascist apartheid have toe freedom to write,speak and perform.It is full fledged 1984.I am not surprised.We have to face the fatwa every time we address the basic burning issues against the corporate free market agenda of ethnic cleansing and the infinite persecution of the masses.It is alarming that Bengal is captured by these BORGI elements and Bengali poets have the same treatment as poets and other writers ,artists are getting the same treatment in Bengal.I have been warning in text as well as video talk about the imminent cow dung tsunami in Bengal,eastern,North East and South India as cow belt has been extended and we remained sleepning.Even today I wrote on Kalika Prasad and latest Ram Mandir scenario.Last day I posted my analysis of Komal gandhar emphasising the urgency of IPTA like cultural movent countrywide to defend the India which is made of different streams of humanity embodied in it,as Rabindra Nath used to say.All bengali Icons speaking freedom,pluralism,diversity and love have fortunately died.Had they been alive,these Borgi brotherhood would not spare any one of them.We have lost the clan and it might prove to be an exception as Bengali intelligentsia specifically those engaged in creativity have no spine whatsoever and their soft skin would not feel the fire around which has set humanity and civilization on fire.