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Friday, February 26, 2016

Some videos related to the Mahishasur tradation

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Pramod Ranjan

Dear friend, 

After Smriti Irani raising the bogey of Mahishasur and using objectionable words about Hindu Goddess Durga, the entire issue has taken a new colour. What the TV channels are showing is only one side of the issue. They are not presenting the side of the Tribals, Backwards and Dalits of the country, who consider Mahishasur their ancestor. 

Some time back, I had travelled to different parts of the country in connection with a book I was planning to compile on this issue. Some videos shot during these visits are available on my YouTube channel. 

These include:

1) Conversation with Shibu Soren in which he calls upon the people to celebrate Mahishasur Day in a big way. 
2) Conversation with Shri Tyagi, the priest of a Mahishasur Temple in Bundelkhand, in which he describes Mahishasur as a valiant god of Yadavs. 
3) A 1500-year-old memorial of Mahishasur, which has been declared protected monument by the ASI and conversations with the residents of the village Chauka Soren, where this memorial is located.
4) Conversations with young girls and elderly persons of the primitive 'Asur' tribe of hills of Chotanagpur and their songs etc. They have talked in detail about tribal beliefs regarding Mahishasur. 
5) Many other videos. 

If you are interested, you can see these videos on the following link:

 lists and friends!