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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Yes, Madan Mitra Resigned and Didi accepts! What would the Left do to win the elections? palash Biswas

Yes, Madan Mitra Resigned and Didi accepts! What would the Left do to win the elections?

palash Biswas

Sardha scam  gets yet another turnaround as Chief minister Mamata Banerjee, who earlier refused to accept his resignation letter on December 12, 2014 ,accepted his resignation on Wednesday. Mitra submitted his resignation to Banerjee on December 12 when he was summoned by CBI.

It might be technical as CBI gears to file chargeshee against the jailed led minister on bail under housearrest.But it would certaily help Mamata to gain creditabilty consolidated.On the other hand Mukul Roy,the ex Railway Minister,who got clean chit from CBI,is all set to launch his political party.

Meanwhile,Kunal Ghosh,the TMC MP remains in the jail where he had been on fast for thirty nine days demanding justice and accusing discrimination as every other accused has been bailed out and he is denied bail.

Kunal is not well and we do not know anything about Sudipto Sen and Debjani who had been arrested  and then only the scam floated in media.We also do not know what measures have been taken to ensure to return the money invested in the Chit fund.Whereas Sebi and other central agencies keep mum on cases against other chit fund companies who have sustained the Ponzi network facing the heat of the law.

However,BJP which tried to seize Mamata within and the campaign was launched by the top guns of the Hindutva Brigade has skips the scam and the Left failed to make it an issue.Thus, getting rid of the tainted Minister Mamata looks invincible and she  seems to be more qualified to appease the complex Vote Bank equations ahead of Assembly elections to be held in West Bengal.

If the Left gears its cadre base and goes back to roots,the equation might change.But Mamata ensured that RSS should not dent her regime anyway.It might be rather yet another equation between the centre and the state as DIDI has directed her army to help the government to pass mandatory legislation to push hard economic reforms.It could have turned the tide in favour of the Left but the Left led by very old guards seem to be very very very tired.

Yes, Madan Mitra Resigned and Didi accepts! What would the Left do to win the elections?

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